Where is the safest place to live if there is a nuclear war?

The Safest Areas in the U.S. States in a nuclear war include the upper Midwest, Maine, West Texas and multiple small areas, usually in areas that do not have large populations. The most unsafe areas include most of the East Coast and anywhere near a major city, a key infrastructure location, or a military installation. Antarctica could be the safest place to go in the event of a nuclear war because the Antarctic Treaty banned all nuclear weapons detonation there.

It is also far from any important goal. Although it's a good place to avoid bombs, it's a terrible place to live. You may need to pack enough supplies if you go there. When you're looking for a place to live in a post-apocalyptic landscape, you can't afford to be demanding.

However, with Tristan de Cunha you win on all fronts. It's located about 1,700 miles off the coast of South Africa (Cape Town), which means you'll be safe from at least the initial explosions and the first rainfall. And finally, if a nuclear war breaks out, Israel could top your list of places to flee to. If you are warned of an impending attack, immediately enter the nearest building and move away from the windows.

This will help provide protection against explosion, heat, and detonation radiation. Because the Antarctic Treaty prohibits the detonation of nuclear weapons, Antarctica may be the safest place to go in the event of a nuclear war. It is also a long way from the main objectives. It's a good place to avoid bombs, but it's a terrible place to live.

If you go, make sure you bring enough supplies. Because of the extensive nuclear arsenals that were accumulated by the United States and the former Soviet Union, as well as by many other industrialized nations to varying degrees, the estimated destructive capacity of current nuclear weapons on the planet is sufficient to destroy life on Earth many times over.

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